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from recent trips

Valencia - Spain

At the end of August 2020, I managed to go abroad despite the coronavirus epidemic. The summer in Valencia, Spain, was also worth some of the complications after my return. Beautiful city, a few great trips to the surroundings and even some swimming in the sea. If you haven't been to Valencia yet, don't hesitate. Spain is not just Barcelona. And be sure to go to the nearby Xàtiva or Sagunta. (More in the My Places link)

Schladming - Austria

It has not been easy to travel in the last few months. But you don't have to sit at home. At least you can go to the neighbors. The extended weekend in Schladming, Austria was definitely worth it. The mountains are really amazing. And climbing a few hills just below three thousand meters is exactly what you can't refuse when you're already standing under them. At least that's how I get it. 🙂

Vysoké Tatry - SLOVAKIA

Given the situation with travel and the pandemic, at least I continue to overcome the peaks. Due to its relative proximity, the High Tatras are my favorite location and will never disappoint. One-day "turn-around" tours simply have no faults. Climbing a hill and throwing everything behind your head while looking at it all below you will not replace anything. You can conquer a few peaks available on marked trails, or a few with a mountain guide over and over again.

Discover new places

There are plenty of places I want to see. And I think that if I go there, it would not be bad to share experiences, photos and videos. So that’s why these pages. Soon I hope to add more links and articles. It’s not a web about nonstop travel with daily blogs and videos. Just try to show you places where it is nice, which is worth seeing. Just see the world.

Where next?

I have some tips where I would like to go soon. Indonesia, Malaysia, again to Myanmar, Nepal, India, Taiwan.

Where will it be and when exactly? We’ll see … 🙂