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from recent trips

Thailand 2022

In 2022, I managed to return to Thailand for almost two months. I returned to some of my favorite places, such as Chiang Mai, Pai, or Khao Sok Park, but of course I discovered other amazing destinations again. I think I really totally fell in love with Thailand. I drove it criss-cross again and took a lot of videos, photos, but mainly experiences. And of course, I met a lot of beautiful people.

Italy 2022

I also visited Italy for a short time in 2022 for the first time. I spent a week in the magical region of Puglia. I visited Brindissi, Lecce, but mainly Gallipoli and Ostuni. A picturesque small towns where you can forget about time and hustle and bustle in the streets.

Vysoké Tatry - SLOVAKIA

Given the situation with travel and the pandemic, at least I continue to overcome the peaks. Due to its relative proximity, the High Tatras are my favorite location and will never disappoint. One-day "turn-around" tours simply have no faults. Climbing a hill and throwing everything behind your head while looking at it all below you will not replace anything. You can conquer a few peaks available on marked trails, or a few with a mountain guide over and over again.

Discover new places

There are plenty of places I want to see. And I think that if I go there, it would not be bad to share experiences, photos and videos. So that’s why these pages. Soon I hope to add more links and articles. It’s not a web about nonstop travel with daily blogs and videos. Just try to show you places where it is nice, which is worth seeing. Just see the world.

Where next?

I have some tips where I would like to go soon. Indonesia, Malaysia, again to Myanmar, Nepal, India, Taiwan.

Where will it be and when exactly? We’ll see … 🙂